Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

It has been too long since I took the time to post some pictures. I am terribly sorry for the delay and I vow to do better.
Last night was Halloween and like most families with young children we were out and about. It is a tradition on our street to have a block party where everyone brings their favorite food and spirits. In years past (before the twins) we sipped wine, gave out candy while admiring the trick-or-treaters, and enjoyed hanging out with our neighbors. This year was a total transformation from years past. We were only able to really be at the party for a little while. Our Halloween night was spent trick-or-treating!! We had an absolute ball. This was the first year that the boys actually understood what was going on. They adored every minute and we did too! Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays, but seeing it brand new through my childrens' eyes made it even more special...hope you enjoy the pictures. Carter was Super Man and Barrett was Captain America!

Where is everyone getting those suckers!?!


After two houses they caught on very quickly! I walk up to the porch; wait my turn, smile, attempt to clearly say "trick or treat" and I get candy?! Wow!!

The boys were so thrilled to see the skeleton train. They played in this yard for a while. It blew out real smoke which complete fascinated them.

Daddy, hurry and get to the next house! We cant wait to get some more treats!

The wagon was the official candy free for all. The boys were riffling through their pumpkins and dumping lots of candy out into the wagon. This led to candy candy everywhere!

MiMi was the official candy Referee! The boys are still not the best at sharing and taking turns so it took a bit of grandmother guidance to maintain order at times.

Thanks Mimi for spending Halloween with us! We had so much fun spending time with you.
I think I see a Georgia Condo in her future!!! P.S. We really missed Papa who was working, but we will see you soon

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beach Weekend!

Last weekend we decided to take the boys to St. Simon's Island for a little beach time... The picture above is from our back door!

Barrett fell head of heels in love with the ocean. He adored being in the water and wanted to jump waves and wade in the water about chest high. He stunned us both with his dare devil like pursuit of venturing further and further out.

As you can see Carter was more interested in on shore activities. The boys are have been so close lately. They very much want to be side by side in everything they do.

Some pretty ladies were obviously walking by...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!

Hi Carter!!!

Barrett is asking Daddy to "Please" take us around the block just one more time, and of course Daddy did just that!

Carter- Daddy won't let us go in the road so I am out of here!!

The boys were really enjoying watching the BIG kids sled down the street...maybe in a year or two.

Hi Barrett!

Just one more snow ball for the road

-We woke this morning to snow and ice, actually more ice than snow. The boys really enjoyed spending some time outside in the cold this morning. They had four layers of clothes on and loved every minute.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Twins Oh My!!

We took the boys to the Zoo for the very first time last weekend. They loved seeing all the animals and playing in all the fall attractions at the Zoo.

Carter was mesmerized by the gorillas! He just starred and banged on the glass of the exhibit; looking back not sure that Mr. Gorilla was too happy with that...

So when we arrived at the Giraffe safari the boys were wanting to scale the fence and take a closer look at these guys. The boys have a six foot giraffe in their nursery, so I am sure that they were a bit confused as to why these were actually moving.

By the end of the day I learned that you can never have too many Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, or adorable babies to share the day with.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I think I need a bath!

Since the boys are entering into their "toddler" stage we have started letting them do some self feeding. Barrett decided to do a little body painting instead of eating!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are one !!!!

Yeah!!! We survived the first year!!!! We just finished a four day celebration for the twins. We would like to thank all of our friends and family that were able to help us celebrate this wonderful occasion. Please take a moment and check out a sampling of the 500 pictures that we took.

Peaceful Retreat

One of the best parts of the birthday weekend was the golf cottage. We live in a subdivision that has a private golf club with three golf courses. We rented an 8 bedroom cottage on the course to host family and have the party. It was one of the most relaxing places that we have visited in some time...

Lets Monkey Around...

On their actual birthday, Friday, we took everyone to Monkey Joe's. It is a play land filled with jumping things and giant slides. The boys liked it for a little while and then became quickly overwhelmed by all the noise and commotion. The adults had as much or more fun bouncing and sliding around with the boys.

Hi Daddy

Lets Take it Outside

Before we called an end to the party the older children took to the green! Here are just a few pictures of a couple of them enjoying all the room

Can I please have some cake???