Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

It has been too long since I took the time to post some pictures. I am terribly sorry for the delay and I vow to do better.
Last night was Halloween and like most families with young children we were out and about. It is a tradition on our street to have a block party where everyone brings their favorite food and spirits. In years past (before the twins) we sipped wine, gave out candy while admiring the trick-or-treaters, and enjoyed hanging out with our neighbors. This year was a total transformation from years past. We were only able to really be at the party for a little while. Our Halloween night was spent trick-or-treating!! We had an absolute ball. This was the first year that the boys actually understood what was going on. They adored every minute and we did too! Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays, but seeing it brand new through my childrens' eyes made it even more special...hope you enjoy the pictures. Carter was Super Man and Barrett was Captain America!

Where is everyone getting those suckers!?!


After two houses they caught on very quickly! I walk up to the porch; wait my turn, smile, attempt to clearly say "trick or treat" and I get candy?! Wow!!

The boys were so thrilled to see the skeleton train. They played in this yard for a while. It blew out real smoke which complete fascinated them.

Daddy, hurry and get to the next house! We cant wait to get some more treats!

The wagon was the official candy free for all. The boys were riffling through their pumpkins and dumping lots of candy out into the wagon. This led to candy candy everywhere!

MiMi was the official candy Referee! The boys are still not the best at sharing and taking turns so it took a bit of grandmother guidance to maintain order at times.

Thanks Mimi for spending Halloween with us! We had so much fun spending time with you.
I think I see a Georgia Condo in her future!!! P.S. We really missed Papa who was working, but we will see you soon

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