Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Carter at 22 weeks

Our little Carter is so precious and sound asleep during his photo shoot! He weighed in at
1 lb 1 oz and is head down. Usually it's Carter that is moving and uncooperative for all the ultrasounds but today he decided to behave. He apparently told brother, "tag your it" , since it was his brother who was not wanting to be disturbed.

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Salina said...

Hi guys! I just visited this for the first time and I am so excited to see them face to face. Matt, you were such a huge part of my life growing up and I can't wait to see your beautiful babies. Heather, you are so sweet every time we see each other and I know you are going to be the best mommy in the world! Hope you feel well and the rest of this pregnancy goes smoothly for you! Love Salina