Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Days OLD!

Well I guess if we've gotten this far that means we aren't horrible parents, right? Anyway, Heather continues to get better following her surgery and the boys are starting to get into somewhat of a routine, although its a pretty loose one right now.
We did have our first Pediatrician's appointment today. Usually its a 2 week appointment, but because they were a day premature and so small they wanted to see them early. The appointment couldn't have been better. Their doctor was so pleased with their weight because Barrett actually gained 3 ounces and Carter gained 2 ounces. The Doc seemed pretty surprised by this. He also said their jaundice was looking pretty good and well within acceptable range and didn't need to stick them for further testing. All in all it was a very good visit.
Enjoy some more pictures and excuse us if we don't update them everyday. It seems we don't have much time on our hands these days.

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