Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We really had such a wonderful first family Easter! It was an amazing day...We started out at Church where we went to Sunday School since bringing the boys with us is perfectly acceptable. So as Sophia on Golden Girls would say, "Picture this" there we were sitting in church keeping a constant supply of puffs in the boys mouths and letting them chew on a few toys. I looked at my watch and realized that we had actually made it the entire way with no major outbursts and a sense of calm came over me. It was time for the closing pray. You know the one where literally a pin drop could be heard. That is when Carter saw an opportunity to seize the moment...That's right he let out a Burp that would have made a fraternity brother blush. So I did what any true southern lady would do; act like it never happened!!!

We had to include this picture in the blog because anytime people pick up the boys they smell their little heads. There apparently is something very enticing about baby heads!

Carter, on the right, has started crunching up his nose when he gets really excited about something.

Hi Carter!

Hi Barrett!

Easter was such a long day for the boys. Barrett did not want to miss a minute of all the festivities so he thought it would be alright to have some down time with Daddy.

It's not a dress Daddy!! There is a great debate going on in the Horn Household. The "Dress War", Matt really disapproves of all the adorable Bubbles and John Johns that I have been buying for the boys. He calls them dresses. I myself have always loved clothes and I take great pride in dressing the children. Matt thinks that they should be in shorts/pants and golf shirts. I disagree... so he can pick out clothes when they turn 2! Until then bring on the smocking!!!

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AG said...

Matt... You are one sexy beast even without the goatee.