Monday, May 3, 2010

Hair and Make up Please!!!

As everyone knows that visits our blog it's sole purpose is to keep everyone up to date about the boys. Today I just felt compelled to share a funny, unfortunately normal happening at our house...

Anyone that knows me also knows that I am not a morning person. I really begin to shine sometime around brunch! This morning the twins are playing and I am dancing around the house getting things rolling. Then door bell rings, Yikes! I am sporting my usual early morning attire; old sorority T-shirt, undies, bad hair, raccoon eyes from yesterdays make-up because I was too tired to take it off last night, and oh yeah a foaming mouth due to the Crest whitening stripes that are now glued to my teeth. And lets not forget the baby attached to my hip that is also chewing on my hair.

I can see that it is the UPS man. I quickly dart into the kitchen where I mistakenly think that this guy will just drop off the package and leave. I forgot to mention that Dora the Explorer is also blaring in the living room so there was no denying that someone was home. This guy must have been UPS employee of the year because he kept ringing the door bell. We have a guest room just off the kitchen so Barrett and I crept in there so I could peek out the window and get a better feel for what was going on and hopefully go undetected. Eeeekkk! I think we may have been spotted when I dove into the closet of the guestroom. That is when Barrett just looked up at me as if to say, "is there any particular reason we are in the closet?" I whispered to him, "Momma is in her undies and can't go to the door." So we waited for what felt like an eternity and then heard the package hit the ground and the truck start up.

Hmmm, no one ever told me it would be this much fun, Ha! Being a Mom I feel comfortable in saying that most of us are not waking up glamorous anymore...

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