Friday, June 4, 2010

Are we on tour ???

Summer has officially arrived; so let vacation began! That is how we felt around the start of May. Lets fast-forward to today and have a look back at the last few weeks. After 2300 miles, yes 2300, traveling through six states: staying in Montgomery, AL, Seaside, FL, Knoxville, Lexington, and Charlotte, NC we are past exhausted. We have loved spending time with family and dear friends but I am very concerned that the twins first words will be "are we there yet"?

As a new Mommy I could not be more proud of the babies. They really have gotten into a traveling groove. They go anywhere, sleep anywhere, and wake up ready to go with the flow the next day.

With all that said we have officially drawn a line in the sand and will be staying home for a while. Even the thought of having to back another suit case makes me weak in the knees. We have tons of pictures of all our recent adventures. I will go through them and post some in the next few days.

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